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The United States of America (USA) is one of the most popular destinations for students who want to study abroad. It has some of the top universities in the world. Moreover, the USA also provides many career opportunities for students. Therefore, many students desire to study in America.

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Reasons to Study in USA:

1. Cultural Diversity: Diversity is one of the defining pillars of every university in the USA. Students develop a broader perspective when they study with peers belonging to different cultures.

2. International Reputation: The universities in the US have an international reputation due to their high academic standards. Therefore, students who have US degrees can get opportunities anywhere in the world. After completing undergraduate, students can also study in the top MS Universities in USA.

3. Excellent Support for International Students: US Universities offer plenty of support to international students to make their transition smoother. Many universities also provide scholarships in the USA for Indian students. The international student office helps students to get accustomed to a new environment and lifestyle. Moreover, the cost of studying in USA for Indian students is also affordable.

4. Flexible Academic Environment: The US Universities have a flexible education system. They provide various courses in every field for the students. They also practice different kinds of teaching methods and regularly update their curriculum.

Benefits of Studying in the USA:

1. Career Opportunities Worldwide: Since US Universities are internationally recognized, students can get career opportunities anywhere around the world. Therefore, it is a preferred option to study in USA for Indian students after 12th.

2. Availability of Different Fields: The quick-growing environment in the US gives opportunities for every kind of career to flourish. Therefore, students entering any field can take advantage of the adaptive environment to build their careers. Students also have the opportunity to pursue master's in USA after they complete their Bachelor's.

3. Updated with Technology: US Universities offer plenty of support to international students to make their transition smoother. Many universities also provide scholarships in the USA for Indian students. The international student office helps students to get accustomed to a new environment and lifestyle. Moreover, the cost of studying in USA for Indian students is also affordable.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a research university and a non-profit institution. It focuses on creating various educational opportunities for its students.It was founded in 1636. More than 23,000 students study at the University. The students, alumni, and the faculty work together to innovate and make a difference in the world.

The university has many libraries and museums where students can feed their curiosity. The students at Harvard University actively participate and compete in various sports.

Courses Offered

Anthropology Environmental Studies Computer Science
Applied Mathematics History Engineering Sciences
Art, Film, and Visual Studies Literature English
Bioengineering Molecular and Cellular Biology Psychology
Biology Neuroscience Social Studies
Chemistry and Physics Philosophy Statistics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) aims to make the world a better place through research, education, and innovation. It was founded in the year 1861. The campus of MIT spreads over an area of 166 acres. The university lays a heavy emphasis on sports. Thus, the playing fields at MIT occupy 26 acres of land.

MIT has 500+ student organizations that are committed to diversity and inclusion. Students actively pursue their extracurricular adventures like music, dance, and sports.

Courses Offered

Architecture History Nuclear Science and Engineering
Aeronautics and Astronautics Literature Economics
Biological Engineering Political Science English
Chemical Engineering Management Mathematics
Data, Systems, and Society Chemistry Physics

Stanford University

Stanford University was established in 1891. More than 15,000 students study at the university. The history of Stanford University is rich and inspiring. The University aims to surge towards the future with cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking research.

Stanford University is governed by a Board of Trustees and Faculty Senate. It is known for promoting Art, Culture, and Athletics actively.

Courses Offered

AI and Cognitive Science Environmental Science and Technology Globalization
Arts and Culture, Law and Business Technology Entrepreneurship Health and Disease
Data Science Computer Science Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ecology, the Environment, and Sustainability Bioengineering Product Design

University of California Berkeley (UCB)

University of California Berkeley (UCB) was established in 1868. Its vision is to contribute towards the glory and happiness of the advancing generations of California. The university has 184 programs that follow the latest and the updated curriculum. The student-to-faculty ratio at the university is 18:1.

Among the current faculty members, 9 of the members hold Nobel Prizes in their respective fields. The university’s libraries have more than 13 million books.

Courses Offered

Arts & Humanities Mathematics Education
Biological Sciences Media & Performance Engineering & Computer Science
Business Natural Resources & Environment Human Behavior & Culture
Design Physical Sciences Pre-Health/ Medicine
Economic Development & Sustainability Politics & Current Events Social Sciences

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) was founded in the year 1919. The students and faculty at the university are driven by optimism and determination to accomplish their goals. The University has 15 Nobel Laureates and 15 Macarthur Fellows. It provides more than 125 majors and 3900 courses.

UCLA aims to leverage its history to define its future. As a result of its accomplishments, UCLA rank among the top universities in the world.

Courses Offered

Anesthesiology Geography Dentistry
Anthropology History Design/ Media Arts
Archaeology Human Genetics Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Astronomy and Astrophysics Law Economics
Bioengineering Linguistics Film, Television, and Digital Media
Biological Chemistry Management Ophthalmology
Biostatistics Mathematics Physiology
Chemistry and Biochemistry Microbiology Political Science
Community Health Sciences Neuroscience Psychology
Computer Science Nursing Sociology

Yale University

Yale University was founded in the year 1701. It aims to share information, inspire innovation, and preserve scientific and cultural knowledge for the benefit of the next generation.More than 7000 students study at the university, and 21% of them are international students. The university also provides many scholarships and grants for students.

Yale University’s mission is to become one of the world’s great universities by encouraging innovation in learning, teaching, research, and arts.

Courses Offered

Anesthesiology History Economics
Architecture Humanities Environmental Health Sciences
Astronomy Immunobiology Film & Media Studies
Biostatistics Law Genetics
Cell Biology Management Pharmacology
Chemistry Microbiology Philosophy
Computer Science Neuroscience Physics
Dermatology Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences Sociology

Columbia University

Columbia University is known for being an important centre for research in the world. It was established in the year 1754. Columbia University prioritizes Arts, Housing, Dining, Athletics, and many other extracurricular activities. It also has various clubs and student groups.

The health of the staff and students is given the topmost priority at the university. Therefore, it has many services like Disability Services, Counselling and Psychological Services, Medical Services, etc.

Courses Offered

Architecture, Planning, & Preservation Mathematics Economics
Arts and Sciences Molecular Medicine Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Biological Sciences Neuroscience Management
Chemistry Physics Statistics
Computer Science Psychology Surgery

New York University (NYU)

New York University (NYU) has been known as an innovator in education since its establishment in 1831. It has 19 schools and colleges in total. NYU has created a record of receiving 100,131 applications in the year 2021. Students from 133 different countries study at the university, which makes it highly diverse and rich in culture.

NYU has 3 Degree-granting campuses, which are located in New York, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi. The university also has Research Programs in more than 25 countries.

Courses Offered

Accounting Environmental Studies Computer Engineering
Anthropology & Classical Civilization Genetics Data Science
Architecture Journalism Economics
Astronomy Law & Business Engineering
Biochemistry Mathematics Psychology
Biology Microbiology Social Sciences
Business Analytics Neurology Visual Arts Administration
Chemistry Obstetrics & Gynecology Web Programming & Applications

Princeton University

Princeton University was founded in 1746 in New Jersey. It is the 4th oldest college in the United States. The university has around 1200 faculty members. The student-to-faculty ratio at the university is 5:1, which helps the staff to give proper attention to every student.

Many faculty members working at Princeton are Nobel Laureates who won prizes in different fields like Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Peace, and Literature.

Courses Offered

Architecture Journalism Environmental Studies
Art and Archaeology Linguistics Finance
Astrophysical Sciences Mathematics Geological Engineering
Chemistry Molecular Biology History
Computer Science Neuroscience Psychology
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Philosophy Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Economics Physics Sociology
Entrepreneurship Politics Statistics and Machine Learning

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1740 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is known for its diverse and dynamic community. The university gives high importance to research, and thus, it has a $1 billion research budget. Around 4000 faculty members work at the university and actively participate in research projects.

The University of Pennsylvania has various facilities for Arts & Culture, Health & Wellness, Housing & Dining, etc. They also give prime importance to the safety and security of the students.

Courses Offered

Anthropology Psychology Mathematics
Archaeological Science Visual Studies Neuroscience
Architecture Bioengineering Law and Society
Biochemistry Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Physics
Biology Computer Engineering Finance
Chemistry Nursing Marketing
Economics Accounting Real Estate
History Entrepreneurship and Innovation Statistics

Apart from these universities, the USA has many more institutes that accept international students and provide them with all the necessary facilities. Students who want to learn about those institutes and apply to study in USA can reach out to us for complete assistance.