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France greets us with historical monuments, beautiful museums, fashion, food, and more; thus, inviting the highest number of tourists in the world. In addition to providing the world with fashion trends, it provides top quality education to aspirants through its numerous universities. Students can choose to study in France and gain top quality education, learn a widely used language, and gain a diverse cultural perspective.

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Reasons to Study in France:

1. Internationally Recognized Education System: France’s education system is revered highly in the world. Pursuing courses from a university in France will allow students to be a part of a global pedagogical community. Students are actively part of a global ecosystem that promotes innovation and design.

2. Rich Heritage & Culture: France has played host to some of the most important historical events in the world. The rich cultural history and heritage of the country houses some of the best monuments and museums in the world. Students can explore these and get educated apart from getting enchanted with their beauty.

3. France - A Paradise for Exploration: Beautiful French Alps, beaches, and more provides a great opportunity for expeditions and exploration. These outdoor activities allow students to learn more about nature and build their personality by spending time outdoors with fellow students.

Benefits of Studying in France:

1. Ranks High in Innovation & Design: France has a good amount of top companies in the world. The country is known for its excellence in innovation & design. Its attractive ecosystem brings in research centres, top MNCs, and startups under a single umbrella and allows students to explore dynamic opportunities for the growth of their career.

2. Dynamic Industrial Structure: The attractive and dynamic industrial structure in the country allows it to house some of the MNCs. This structure allows students to be a part of it and be part of a global workforce that propels their growth.

3. Attractive Scholarships: French universities have an attractive model to make education easy, dynamic, and affordable for students. They offer various scholarships for students belonging to all regions. Many universities provide scholarships to study in France for Indian students.

Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres)

Université PSL or Paris Sciences & Lettres was established in 2010 and has featured among the top universities in France and also globally. The university offers quality education to 17,000 students. It offers numerous programs in fields such as Humanities, Engineering, Science, and others.

It houses 140 laboratories, 70 libraries and museums catering to various fields of study. Also, the university has won several grants to conduct research in many dynamic fields.

Courses Offered

Business Administration Social Science Law
Economics Applied Mathematics Informatics
Communications Anthropology Chemistry
Political Science Computer Science Philosophy
Geography Life Sciences Accounting

Sorbonne Université

Sorbonne Université was established in 2018. It’s a public university formed by the merger of Paris-Sorbonne University and Pierre and Marie Curie University. The university is based on a structure comprising letters, languages, social science, engineering, and medicine.

It imparts education to 55,300 students by offering courses across various disciplines. It has got 6,400 teacher-researchers and 3,600 administrative and technical staff to help students with their educational endeavours throughout.

Courses Offered

Languages Computer Science Health Science
Dentistry History Theology
Mathematics Physics Business & Management
Engineering Archaeology Biological Sciences
Earth Sciences Statistics Marine Sciences

Sciences Po

Sciences Po is a university of eminence established in 1872 by Emile Boutmy.. It is a renowned university in the domain of Social Science. The institution imparts education to 14,000 students, out of which 49% are international students from more than 150 countries.

It has always maintained a formidable dialogue with the finest professionals by promoting research activities of the highest quality and norms.

Courses Offered

Public Affairs International Affairs Law
Management & innovation Journalism Arts & Politics
International Security International Diplomacy International Economic Policy
Finance Region & Urban Strategy Marketing & Society
Communication Digital Transformation Human Resources

Université de Paris

Université de Paris was founded in 2019 as a result of a merger of Paris Diderot, Institut de physique du globe de Paris, and Paris Descartes. It was founded to develop today’s society to meet the challenges of tomorrow. It offers attractive scholarships to study in France for Indian students. The university’s pedagogy allows students to explore various activities for their personal development.

Situated in Paris, it opens up dynamic avenues for student’s growth. It helps them interact with the best professional in their respective fields and carve out a niche for themselves.

Courses Offered

Social Sciences Science Pharmacy
Nursing Business Law Arts
Humanities Economics Technology
Medicine Dentistry Art & Visual Culture
Film Studies Life Sciences Digital Sciences

Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University

Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University was first established as a college in the 13th century by Robert de Sorbon. It was converted into a university in 1970 with focus on courses in the field of Arts, Law, Political Science, Economics, and Management. 43,000 students get educated in their preferred discipline at the university. The motto of the university is Omnibus sapientia, unicuique excellentia, which means- Knowledge for all, excellence for everyone.

The university creates an effective engaging environment for students with various events and seminars.

Courses Offered

Economics History Architecture
Archaeology Mathematics Computer Science
Philosophy Political Science Judicial Studies
Arts Languages Sociology
Administration Developmental Studies Law

École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique was established in 1794 and has produced some of the best Scientists, Military Officers, and Academicians. The institution has got a vibrant campus life that embodies the rich french history. It has got attractive housing accommodation, libraries, on-campus dining services, and others.

It offers courses for various fields of study and also engages students with various clubs & associations that provide attractive opportunities.

Courses Offered

Mathematics Computer Science Physics
Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Innovation & Management
Data Science Data Analytics Corporate Finance
Technology Environment Engineering Economics
Management Entrepreneurship Law

ENS de Lyon

ENS de Lyon was established on December 11th, 2000. The university provides vibrant opportunities to learn and grow at a formidable pace. It hosts several student initiatives, major events, and conferences. It has also got a robust sports infrastructure that supports all kinds of sporting activities.

In addition to all these, the university has a robust research infrastructure that supports innovation across various fields.

Courses Offered

Biology Mathematics Chemistry
Information Technology Physics Earth Sciences
Education Humanities Foreign Languages
Civilizations Social Sciences Computer Science
Literature Letters & Arts Geology

École des Ponts ParisTech

École des Ponts ParisTech was established in 1747 and has trained some of the finest Engineering professionals and world leaders. The institution has a vibrant culture of encouraging dynamic student associations and sports activities for an all around growth of students.

It has also got innovation labs to promote the highest form of research across fields. Specialized training across fields of Engineering is also provided to students for holistic growth.

Courses Offered

Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Construction
Economics Industrial Engineering Mathematical Engineering
Computer Engineering Management Finance
Innovation & Design Languages & Culture Social Science
Sustainable Development Material Science Energy Conservation

ENS Paris-Saclay

ENS Paris-Saclay was established in 1912 and has been linked to the history of imparting dynamic technical education in France. The college imparts quality education through 12 academic departments. It’s a university that promotes a dynamic cost of studying in France for Indian students.

It has been consistently ranking among the top universities for propagating cutting-edge innovation through its various research programs.

Courses Offered

Biology Chemistry Computer Science
Applied Mathematics Physics Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Design Languages
Social Sciences  Medical Science Energy
Systems Engineering Media Studies Information Engineering

University of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux was founded in 1441 and is ranked among the top French universities for its dynamic pedagogy. It partners with various institutions for strategic growth to promote a “Campus of Excellence”. The research-focused and multidisciplinary institution imparts education to 56,000 students through nearly 6,000 staff members.

The university welcomes extensive research in various fields to ensure innovation and design in prominent fields.

Courses Offered

Economics Biology Law
Life Sciences Public Health Sports Management
Computer Science Anthropology Marketing
Mathematics Engineering Applied Science
Business Administration Pharmacy Physics

Greet “bonjour” to dynamic opportunities by choosing to study in France. Witness your career shoot up as high as the “Eiffel Tower”. Hence, get in touch with a study abroad counsellor soon and apply now!